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Westlake High School


Fax: (512) 732-9271

Westlake HS will not accept phone calls to clear an absence. BG大游必须在返回的48小时内提供书面文件,说明缺席的原因和日期. Please email documentation to:

至关重要的是,学生通过出勤办公室登记和离开,以保持孩子的出勤准确. Ten absences, not school-related, 在一门课上上课,将根据《BG真人》向法院提起诉讼. 

Please refer to the school calendar and bell schedule when making appointments and travel days. 它将帮助你计划访问,以避免错过教学时间和上学的日子. 因个人原因或个人预约缺勤(例如:机动车辆部), Passport Office, Drivers Education, ACL) will not be excused. 如果学生有缺课记录,并且通过出勤登记,你可以100%补课. Please check with your teacher in regards to their policy for test make-up.